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Shipping and delivery

Dear customer, any order can be delivered.

This can be done as a package via, for example, PostNL for the current rates.

If it concerns an article with a different size and / or shape, this can be done with a courier.

If it fits on a pallet, it can also be shipped as pallet freight.

Prices for shipping and/or delivery are therefore tailor-made. The price is calculated based on your order, weight, dimensions and communicated to you in advance. The delivery of your order is at your own risk, unless it has been sent insured, in which case the conditions of the carrier apply.

Also, no rights can be derived from your order afterwards. You are responsible for any. sizes, colors, shapes, etc. You are always welcome to check your order before shipment.

Please note, we really only ship after payment in advance.

If you have questions about costs and shipping, call 06-51694940

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For colleagues, we drive many kilometers and then usually a return trip with an empty bus.

Maybe we can mean something to each other, maybe you want something picked up or brought to Groningen for example and we can combine / arrange this for a reasonable rate.

We also have agreements with several couriers and transporters who drive for us internationally if ordered to do so.

If there is space in the car or on a pallet, this can also be combined, so that the rate can be considerably lower for both parties.

We ship worldwide and know the way with carriers who can pick up or deliver your order abroad as a combined trip.

We can always "spar" whether we can do something for each other, just call 0651694940 or be welcome and come by!