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This section is literally very diverse in terms of supply, we started almost 40 years ago with sportswear on the market, but that quickly changed in the 80's crisis into trading in anything and everything.... buying and selling. ...as long as we can earn a living with it.

Over the years we have switched to our passion, antiques, brocante, curiosa but preferably special stuff, craziness and rarities.

This can be a new or used item, a thrift store, old-fashioned or modern. Walk through this section at your leisure, there is plenty!

To keep our stock up to date, we are constantly looking and want to pay good money for enamel, enamel sign, porcelain sign, advertising, old commercials / advertisements, automobilia, petroliana, collectables, curiosities, cool stuff, illuminated advertising, eye catchers, rarities, neon signs, man cave items, industrial design, petrol pumps, gasoline sign, gas pump, old school, old mopeds, pedal cars, pedal cars, retro, design, art, patina, decoration, decoration ideas, interior design, jewellery, vintage watches, vinyl, vintage treasures, vintage, items from Art Nouveau and Art Deco period, as well as separate and special items, craziness, rarities, one of a kind items and/or complete collections.

So do you have items that fit into this "picture" and that you want to sell... COME ON, OFFER THEM TO US... contact us, we are constantly looking for special items😀