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art & design

What is art and what is design, everyone looks at it in his or her own way.

We think art design because it is art...or design 😬, beautifully made, self-made, distinctive, intended as art, etc.

This can be an antique painting, a beautiful statue, a wood carving or see it as a design such as a self-built engine, object, machine, etc.

This section shows a nice mix of art and design, for the complete overview you will have to come by sometime 👍

They are also constantly looking and willing to pay good money for enamel, enamelsign, porcelainsign, advertising, old advertisements, automobilia, petroliana, collectables, curiosities, coolstuff, neon signs, eye catchers, curiosities, neon signs, mancave items, industrial design, petrol pumps, gasolinesign, gaspump, oldschool, old mopeds, pedalcars, pedal cars, retro, design, art, patina, decoration, decorationideas, interiordesign, jewellery, vintagewatches, vinyl, vintagetreasures, vintage, items from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period, as well as separate and special items, craziness, rarities, one-of-a-kind items and/or complete collections.

So do you have items that fit into this "picture" and that you want to sell... COME ON, OFFER THEM TO US... contact us, we are constantly looking for special items